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Welcome to my blog. The place for both everyday software developers and software ninjas.


Marcin Zimecki
Marcin Zimecki

Most of our professional life we spend on resolving problems. We are smelling the code every day, often finding and dealing with Code Smells. We find technical solutions which we are proud of. Most of them will not even see the day of light. I would like to show some of mine on this blog. I would also like to write something about mental attitude to solving different kinds of technical problems.

Why yet another software blog? This is one of my personal goals which I started to define this year (2017). I hope I will also provide a value to the community and develop my other skills like writing. Let’s see what will happen :-).

I’m Marcin Zimecki. I live in Gdansk, Poland. I have over ten years of experience in software engineering. I’m currently working for Lufthansa Systems helping pilots to safely take-off and to safely land. Ideas and opinions on this blog are my own. I’m also runner, believer and dad.

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